Aekasin, the Silent God.
God of Life and Death


Life, Death, the Cycle.


Silent God, Keeper of the Cycle.


Second Tier, Realmic God

Aekasin, God of Life and Death, is the eldest of the Realmic Gods, presiding over the birth, death and rebirth of each being, each life is under his watchful gaze. Being the God of Life and Death, Aekasin is one of the most powerful Realmic Gods, almost reaching the status of a Prime God.

Due to the immense power that Aekasin holds, he is rarely, if ever, seen in the form of a human avatar, preferring to restrict himself to solitude. It is for this reason he is known as The Silent God, as he grants no favour, places no mark, and even to his own fellow gods he is aloof. With the knowledge of all living creatures and beings lifespan, their time of death, their time of birth and everything that happens during their lifetime, the God of the Cycle has no reason to endear himself to any being, most of all humankind.

Whilst a great many people worship Aekasin for his role as the God of Life and Death, he has never chosen a single being to receive his mark, or to be his voice, as many of the other Gods have.