There are several tiers of Gods within the world of Tehrannis, each tier showing the expanse of their domain, or their potential level of power. There are five tiers of these divine beings, beginning with Tier 1, being the highest, eldest and more than likely strongest, and ending with Tier 5, those who hold but a glimmer of the divine power.

Tier 1 - Prime GodsEdit

The Prime Gods are the eight primal forces of the universe, they simply are, they exist because without them, the universe would simply come to a halt, or cease to exist entirely. The Prime Gods, or Primal Forces, are the basis of all things within the universe. Thought, Time, Creation, Destruction, Chaos, Order, Balance and The Void.

Tier 2 - Realmic GodsEdit

The Realmic Gods are often seen as the 'True Gods', because ordinary people cannot see, or have not seen the eight primes, whilst the Realmic Gods have the ability to walk the land in avatar form, it gives ground to the theory. Being second in power to the Prime Gods, the Realmic Gods also have a great influence over the world, even having the power to dwell within their own created realm, the realm of the Gods. There are sixteen known Realmic Gods, each with a broad spectrum and domain they preside over.

Tier 3 - Lesser GodsEdit

The Lesser Gods are those born of the Realmic Gods, and while they are generally seen as less powerful, they also have focused domains, allowing them greater reign over their birthright. The avatars of the Lesser Gods are frequent, and also frequently seen, intermingling with human society as if they too were human, granting their gifts and even giving rise to children of their own amongst mortalkind.

Tier 4 - Spirits, Shades & VilespawnEdit

Not strictly 'gods', Spirits, Shades and Vilespawn are nonetheless powerful in their own right, with certain influence over the different realms. Spirits often inhabit specific areas of the world and preside over that area, watching, perhaps even guarding it. Shades are the beings of hunger created during the overspending of a humans energy, feeding on all life... while Vilespawn are the darkest creatures born of the Immaterium, bringing ruin and destruction to the living realm.

Tier 5 - Scions & The MagebornEdit

Scions and Mageborn are, for all intents and purposes, mortal. The only different, and reason they are upon the scale of the Gods power, is that they carry within them the divine energy, a fragment or spark of a power greater than their own. Scions, are the descendants of the gods, born of the avatars of powerful beings walking with mankind, and Mageborn are those born with the ability to shape and bend the magic of the world without needing to utilise the glyphs and symbols used by other practitioners.

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