Dahkan, The Father of Death.
God of the Forge


The Forge, Weapons, Anima Crux.


God of the Forge, The Father of Death, Lord of Anima.


Third Tier, Lesser God

Dahkan, the God of the Forge, and creator of the weapons by which mankind would kill and destroy each other. Although this is not his prime function and influence on the world, it is the one for which he is primarily known. As a Lesser God, Dahkan would have relatively little power, yet it is the fact he is the creator of the Anima Crux that has allowed him to draw much power from the world of Tehrannis, heightening and bolstering his solitary power.

Dahkan is an aspect of creation, tracing his lineage back to the Prime God of Creation, and is not restricted to weapons, he is known amongst his fellow gods as being able to work materials in any way he desires, creating anything from a perfect reconstruction of a bird in flight from crystal, to the impressive 'Animus Cruxis', the prime Anima Crux and the Tower which serves Dahkan as his own manifestation of his power. His abilities are without equal, and he is able to create almost anything, coming close to life itself, even going so far as to make a handful of his own 'children' in the form of the colossal automaton constructs that have walked the land in ages past.

Dahkan is a wise God, one haunted by regret as he sees his greatest creation as being responsible for the death and end of so many, his weapons giving tools of death to those who would wage war against one another. But rather than dwell on his mistakes, he has attempted to make amends, creating ways for mankind to defend themselves against his first folly, and aiding those who would use his creations in the defence of others.

As God of the Forge, Dahkan is known to grant his mark upon various individuals, primarily those who follow in his footsteps as creators, the greatest of human blacksmiths often granted his blessing, as well as those who would use his weapons for a greater purpose than simple killing. His mark aids those in the handling of his tools and creations, or allows them greater skill in that creation.