Iskarag, the Dragonlord.


Around 30 or so left.


Approximately 700 years, human reckoning.

Dragons, born of the magical energies woven by the God Iskarag, the Dragonlord.

Dragons are now a rare and fabled creature, driven to the furthest reaches of civilisation by the greed and fear of mankind. Powerful and intelligent, dragons are far more than the simple beasts that roam the other areas of the world, and it is for this reason they are so feared. Although humanity tends to differentiate between the dragons based upon their individual traits and looks. Whilst a human would see what they label a 'fire dragon', or an 'earth dragon', their own kind merely see another dragon, and their origins. Born from large eggs that assist the unborn being in absorbing the magic of the land around it, a dragon hatches into the world not by warmth or their parents proximity, but rather due to the energy taken in from the world around it. A dragon's egg is known to almost drain the energy from the land almost entirely in order to give rise to a new dragon, and it is this energy taken from the surroundings that determines the unique traits and appearance of each dragon, and not those of the parent dragons. What humans would call a 'water dragon' are those dragons who have hatched around, or within, a large body of water, the egg naturally attuning the dragon to the surroundings in order to give it the best possible chance of survival. It is in this way that dragons survive in solitude, their innate survival instincts and natural attunement to the environment making them powerful beings rarely seen by man. The shell of the egg that dragons hatch from is very commonly prized amongst the people of Tehrannis, partly due to the strong nature of the material, being able to ward off all but the strongest of human weaponry, and their ability to absorb magic. These shells, although very rarely discovered, sell for very high prices, and are usually crafted into some of the strongest armour and shields.