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Durinan is the southernmost town of Orteri. Home to a happy, hardy, folk, they are the last stop for any adventurer before the Great Passage, the valley that splits the Zethoan Mountain Ranges into East and West. They make their trade through agriculture, blessed by a rich land surrounding the mountains and make gold through trade. Home to one of the largest sects of Hrasvah, they are one of the strongest bastions of the Redeemers, with many of the inhabitants joining that sect with an almost mad zeal. They are, however, respectful of other cultures, knowing that these people only need help from their gods, thinking that they are the "right" way, though right has always been relative in Tehrannis. It is said that the King of Orteri is slowly worried at this zealotry the Durinans have been showing, favouring the Redeemers and the gods more than his rule. Something will have to be done about that. One day.

The Zethoan Mountains, which make up the natural border of Orteri and Irvendis are titanic mountains reaching up the sky, higher than the maximum possible altitude of airships - though the Architects are thinking of ways to make the things go higher without stalling - making air travel almost impossible except in the Great Passage where a large gate protects intruders on both sides. The mountains themselves are sparsely inhabited by aboriginal peoples, adapted to survive the harsh winters at such high altitudes, their lungs far larger to accept more oxygen in the thin air. A legend surrounds these mountains, told both in Orteri and Irvendis, of how, deep underneath -sometimes inside- one of the mountains is an artifact of great power, capable of destroying mountains. If it is true and discovered, the area might never look the same again.