Native Land


Indigineous to the northern reaches of Darinia, the fierce beasts known as the Hoggort roam the dense forests. An extremely territorial beast, the Hoggort is known to attack intruders into their particular territory, and even those other hoggorts themselves, unless it happens to be mating season, when Hoggort have been known to travel from their set territories to find a mate.

A rather dangerous beast, they tend to stick to their domain unless their offspring or mate is injured or killed, in which case, the beasts experience a form of deep anger, causing them to chase the perpetrator until either they are killed, or the Hoggort runs out of energy.

A Hoggort can grow up to 9ft in height when raised up, and their tusks usually range between 10 and 25inches. Generally it is the female of the species that shows the largest tusks, and it is these tusks that are used for hunting, marking their territory, and attacking intruders or attackers.

Their thick, dark fur ranges between various hues of black and brown, though deep midnight blues, dark reds and pure white Hoggorts have been sighted in recent times. Hoggorts are primarily carnivores, feeding on smaller animals that dwell within the forests, but include local plantlife in their diet in order to maintain health.