Ivara, The Windrider
God of the Skies


Wind, Air, the Skies


The Windrider, Lady of the Skies


Third Tier, Lesser God

Ivara, God of the Skies, the Wind and the Air, the daughter of the God of Fire and the Goddess of Water, sister to Vanekh. Inheriting the calm serenity of her mother, and the passion of her father, Ivara is known to be a rather charismatic god, but one prone to emotional outbursts, resulting in hurricanes, typhoons and the like, just as both her father and her brother have been known to create their own disastrous outbursts.

Ivara is known to bestow favour upon those followers who seek out the highest heights and seek to soar the skies, often giving her mark to the Soulbranded who take the form of birds or the various flying creatures that roam the skies. Ivara is a graceful god that holds a reasonable level of power in comparison to her fellow Lesser Gods, almost always able to hold her own in terms of power, not to mention she is always invariably backed up by her brother Vanekh.

Ivara is often worshipped amongst sailors too, for they pray to her for favourable winds during their voyages.