This is a list of all known creatures and plants in the Yvren jungle. Noted be that this is only a list of all flora and fauna currently known and indexed.

(The 'knowledge available' part refers to whether it's available in books and such, or only known to the native populace.)


(Poison: No means not poisonous, mildly means only minor inconviences, moderalely slightly more potent than minor, medium means dangerous to anyone but native creatures and humans and highly means dangerous to all)

Name Description Poisonous Properties Used as Knowledge Available
Parasitic Cowrod Thick, red branches that crawl around the various trees, with long, crimson flowers on it. No Leeches of the trees it crawls around. Produces nectar in the flowers which is the main food supply of the native insects.


Ration food (plant)

Daggerpoppy Small, dark-green with purple bushes. Filled with thorns. Mildly. Causes diarrhea when consumed. Nothing


Devilboon Small trees with red lillies growing on the top. Main host of the parasitic cowrod. Highly The nectar in the lilies cause kidney and spleen failure. The bark is very sturdy but brittles when cut off from the tree. Tinder (bark) Everywhere
Bonestem Native trees. Large in size, low in numbers. Bark coloured grey to white. No None.

Utensil material (bark)

Glue / medicine (resin)

Saintfolly Bright yellow flowers with thorns on the stem. Emits a repulsive odour. Moderately The nectar causes spasms and in bigger dosage heart failure. The stem stimulates metabolism when cooked.

Medicine (stem)

Sorrowpetal Small flowers with orange petals. Petals shaped like a heart with tiny hairs on them. Medium Leads to audible and later visual illusions lasting up to three days depending on the dosage. Recreational drug Native
Love Catcher Plants as big as small houses, with green stems and flowers having colours ranging from purple to brown and red. No The nectar in the flower sounds delicious, and is meant to lure in creatures of all sorts and sizes. Once inside, it traps and consumes them. Nothing. Feared as the plague. Native
Wormberry Small green vines usually found on rocks sticking out of water. Grows small blue berries along it. No None. Major food supply of skulllarva. Food (berries) Native
Medusawood Small trees, with purple-dotted leaves and pink berries growing from them. Highly The berries taste delicious. They also cause full-body paralysis that stops the heart within minutes after consumption. Poison Native


Name Description Diet Dangerous Special Properties Knowledge Available