The Mageborn


The Mageborn, Masters of the Arts.

The Mageborn are those born with a greater capacity and control of magic, the few who seem to be able to change the flow of magic within the world without requiring the preperation and symbols that are used by other practitioners of the Arts.

It is not known whether or not being born as a Mageborn is hereditary, or pure chance, but it seems that the latter theory is the more likely, as no one has been able to say for certain who is born as one, even those with Mageborn parents can sometimes have no magical aptitude whatsoever.

Those born with these gifts are able to control the flow of magic within the world, and whilst this is not their only trait, it is their predominant one, what they have become known for. Each Mageborn is unique, in the way that they see and understand the magic differently, some can see the flow and merely reach out and change it to dramatic effect, some can hear the magic as music, and often adopt a musical style for their own magical pursuits. No two Mageborn seem to act in the same way with the magic, which is why they have become very difficult to truly define or quantify.