The Runic SystemEdit

All magic within Paragon has strong ties to symbols and glyphs, using the patterns and designs to mould and shape magical energies into power, yet added to this, a new magic type has been emerging.

The portents and signs of tarot cards linking to these runes, allowing them to be better understood by certain practitioners. Each rune has its equal and binding tarot and card, binding the powers and abilities to one another. To see and understand each rune, its counterpart tarot and what they are meant to portray, seek the information in the table below.

Rune Tarot Meaning
Algiz Tower Protection
Ansuz Temperance Signals
Berkana Hierophant Growth
Blank Fool Unknown/Nothing
Dagaz Wheel of Fortune Breakthrough
Ehwaz Chariot Movement
Eihwaz Justice Defence
Fehu Coins Possessions
Gebo Lovers Partnership
Hagalz Devil Disruption
Inguz Empress Fertility
Isa Hanged Man Standstill
Jera Death Harvest
Kano Wands Opening
Kenaz Star Torch
Laguz Chalice Flow
Mannaz World The Self
Nauthiz Judgement Constraint
Othila Hermit Separation
Perth Moon Initiation
Raido High Priestess Journey
Sowelu Emperor Wholeness
Teiwaz Sword Warrior
Thurisa Magician Gateway
Uruz Strength Strength
Wunjo Sun Joy