The Scions
The Descended


Scions, The Descended, Godkin

The Scions are those of humankind that have descended from the Gods. Whether they are the first son of a Lesser God or the last in a long line of perhaps fifty descendents of a particular God, it makes no difference to those of the blood, as the strength of a God's blood resonates within his or her descendents, forever marking them as one of theirs.

There are both benefits and problems to being a Scion, the primary ones being the most obvious. Unfortunately due to the nature of mankind, it is possible for a Scion to be resented, or even attacked should it become known they are the Scion of a particular God, just as it is possible for them to earn a gathering of their own due to their affiliation with their divine ancestor. Scions are generally influential, and whether or not that influence is for the greater good, or for corruption, is based upon the person, and the blood within them.

A Scion generally has some aspect of their divine ancestor within them, granting them abilities that would otherwise be denied to humankind. A Scion is always born with the Mark of their ancestor God, and can influence their ancestors domain in some way, with the full extent of that influence being linked to their own spiritual strength.