Vanekh, the Storm Lord.
God of the Storm


Lightning, Thunder, Storms.


God of the Storm, The Storm Lord.


Third Tier, Lesser God

Vanekh is the God of Lightning, Thunder and Storms. A God of the third tier, a Lesser God, Vanekh is son of the God of Fire, and the Goddess of Water, inheriting his father's fierce will and temper, but his mother's wisdom. Vanekh is no stronger than the other Lesser Gods, yet is certainly not to be underestimated by any other beings.

A relatively quiet God, Vanekh is known for his bouts of fierce anger that produce the great storms he is titled for, and it is more often than not that he seeks solace in his mother's domain, becoming the bane of sailors as they cross over the vast oceans. Added to this, he is also known to be one of the bravest of the Gods, standing for what he believes to be the right course of action, regardless of the opposition.

Vanekh has a deep, booming voice, and his avatar is often seen as a towering figure with dark hair and tanned skin, and usually grants his mark to those who brave his storms or show courage in the face of grave danger. His mark aids those who receive it by granting them the ability to call forth minor storms or bolster the morale of both themselves and allies.