The Yvren Jungle is a large, swamp-like jungle located on the western continent. Filling up the largest part of the southern area of the Khovost kingdom, it's most famously known for it's high lethality rates caused by the highly poisonous flora and fauna. It is said that all the way south, beyond the Yvren jungle, is a land filled with treasures and many an adventurer has lost his life trying to reach it.


The Yvren Jungle during the day

It is home to small tribes of people who try to accomadate with the treacherous lands. They are said to be sturdy and with generations of them exposed to the vile environment, most of them have become highly resistant to poisons and diseases.


As expected, the major part of Yvren is made out of swampland, with the waterlevels variating from a feet deep to entire micro-oceans. Simply referred to as lakes, these places harbour a great variety of aquatic life that stays true to the poisonous theme of the jungle.

While there is very little room for vegatation, the small specks of normal soil are incredibly fertile due to the high amount of minerals and natural manure as a result of the rapid speed of growth and decay the swamp brings. In the past, people have tried to take part of the jungle back by pumping away all the water, blinded by the aluring vision of such valuable land. However, no stories of succesful enterprises have been brought back to the civilised world, as all but the most cunning of man could escape his deadly neighbours.



Main article: List of Flora and Fauna in Yvren jungle


Main article: List of Flora and Fauna in Yvren jungle